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Crist a 'rising star' in the GOP

Chris Kromm over at Facing South is blogging about the gubernatorial contests around the region. This one caught my eye…

Charlie Crist‘s (R) seven-point victory in Florida firmly established him as a rising star for a beleaguered GOP. As The Buzz notes, Crist’s strong showing over Jim Davis (D) is now getting talk going about Crist being VP material in 2008. The Buzz also quotes Jim Davis on how, despite a late surge in the polls, he thinks money had a big impact on the race:

“I salute Charlie Crist on his win, but the amount of money spent in this campaign was dramatic. Governor-elect Crist and the Republican Party raised and spent almost $50-million in the general election and despite that, finished with just a 7 point margin,” he said. “Yesterday was a day that many Floridians stood up and said, “This is about us; it’s not about the money.’ But it just wasn’t a majority.”

He’s a rising star? VP material? Well, I wonder how long before it plummets once the word gets around to the fundie set about his closet? Or, perhaps, we’re going to see a remaking of the GOP as an “out and proud” party and just didn’t get the memo yet.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding