Bow down to your Hello Kitty-blogging Media Overlords, bitches…

Having recently gotten over his disappointment in technology’s failure to provide him with the flying cars, TV watches, and animatronic robot sex-slaves that were promised to him in those early sixties Popular Mechanics magazines, Roger Simon, themanwhocreatedmoseswine, joins his duddy fuddyduddy-in-arms Jeff Jarvis in splashing about in the sweet sweet waters of the Blogging Fountain of Youth where nobody knows that you’re still wearing a Members Only jacket:

57 million blogs?!

Yes, that’s the current Technorati number quoted in Michael Malone’s latest Silicon Insider column. (He also has some nice things to say about Pajamas Media’s video election coverage – thanks, Michael.) If that figure is even faintly correct, we’ve entered a mind-boggling era of communications here. Assuming that roughly half that number is American, the ratio of blogs to potential readers in this country is around one to ten – not a tremendously optimistic stat from a publishing point of view. No wonder I detect real fear of the Internet from some journalists I know.

Which is why the LA Times is preparing to lay off all of their journalists currently covering Cute Things My Kitties Do…. Why I Hate!!! My Mother…. and Taylor Hicks Is Teh Hot!!1! beats. Let’s face it, Ron Brownstein was totally out of his league when he did that four-part series on Veronica Mars Is Sooooo Like Me. I mean, that was pretty embarrassing when compared to the same investigative series done by Nicole Kingston, a fourteen year-old from Cedar Rapids who really does have more in common with Veronica Mars than Ron.

I am personally responsible for at least eight nationally known reporters losing their jobs because I was cutting into their daily basset coverage, basset special reports, and weekend basset wrap-ups.

Here, watch:

This is Beckham. He is a basset. Isn’t he cute?!?

There. I did it. It’s Friday afternoon and a reporter from the Wall Street Journal and a columnist from the Indianapolis Star were each just handed a pink slip and now their kids aren’t going to get any toys this Christmas because daddy lost his job because a blogger can do it cheaper.

That’s too bad…those kids were really looking forward to getting those TV watches….

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