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Out of Tuesday’s wreckage comes the 2008 Presidential nominees

Either the Republican bench isn’t very deep, or K-Lo doesn’t know how to quit:

2008 [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Mark Levin — who I agree with 99 percent of the time — has at least one suggestion I’m for.

My thoughts: Allen is over, certainly at least for this cycle. Santorum I bet could use a bit of a break, but I wouldn’t be shocked if a sense of duty brought him into the primary mix or something.

I can tell you this, for whatever it’s worth: my most frequently received e-mail (besides the expletive-filled e-mails) says: “Romney/Santorum ’08” or “Who will you choose, K-Lo, Mitt or Rick in the primaries?”

Levin’s comments:

I’m going against today’s conventional wisdom and suggesting that Rick Santorum and George Allen should consider running for the Republican presidential nomination. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time politicians who’ve lost elections have run (and won) office. Indeed, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have lost elections. Obviously, Richard Nixon lost for president in 1960 and governor of California in 1962.

I still consider Santorum and Allen among the best and most appealing conservatives on the scene. I believe Santorum has national appeal, despite his loss in Pennsylvania. And although Allen’s campaign was knocked off stride, nobody will care much. After all, John McCain has overcome much worse, namely the Keating Five scandal; and Rudy Guiliani appears to have put his marital and health issues behind him.

The bodies are hardly cold and he’s trying to resurrect them already. When the Doughy Pantload thinks you’re goofy, you’ve got problems…

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