Bake Sale Diplomacy

Brownies are a dollar, cupcakes fifty cents…and moustache-ride gift certificates are $50 but you have to go to Plato’s Retreat to redeem it.

After downing two Venti Mocha Coconut Amphetamine Frappucinos at Starbucks, Pam at Atlas Kvetches went a little nuttier than usual about her boy-toy John Bolton, and quite honestly it’s pretty well been covered. But this part is particularly adorable:

UPDATE: Lori Marcus came up with a wildly wonderful idea; What say you readers;

Or, what do you say about taking up a collection so that he [Bolton]can take the job but not get paid, which I understand is an actual option, and then have the collected funds go to him. I bet we could raise the money if we had to. I’ll have to check the legality, of course.

Oooooo! A bakesale! Get there early before they run out of nutbars and maccaloons.

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