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Winger — and Freeper — reaction to Arizona

In my search for bible-beating reaction to Arizona’s defeat of a marriage amendment (48.6% yes, 51.4% no with 100% of the votes in), I nearly came up with a goose egg from the usual suspects.

AgapePress was quite muted on the matter, choosing to focus on the victories, with a toss-away sentence on AZ.

…it appears Arizona is the first of more than two dozen states that have considered such measures to defeat a move to constitutionally define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

…On an election day in which voters may have been sending any number of messages to President Bush or to the Republican-controlled Congress, their message to homosexual activists was clear and overwhelmingly unified.

Ha ha ha. Nice try.

Alliance for Marriage doesn’t even mention it, chose to talk about the seven states that passed one.

“Yesterday, Americans overwhelmingly demonstrated once again at the ballot box that the future of marriage transcends political party and partisan politics,” said Matt Daniels, president and founder of the Alliance for Marriage. “Radical activists know this truth too well and thus will continue sue in court to destroy the common sense definition of marriage in America — against the will of the vast majority of Americans.”

Voters in Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin, overwhelmingly approved state marriage amendments on the ballot. Twenty seven states have now approved marriage amendments to their constitution protecting marriage as a man and woman. This brings to forty-five the total number of states with either statutory or constitutional protections for marriage.

“Given the ongoing attack on marriage in courts across the country — most recently in New Jersey — AFM’s Marriage Protection Amendment is clearly the only hope for the American people to determine the future of marriage under our laws,” added Daniels.

Daddy D.’s Focus on the Anus CitizenLink got up something, and they are practically in tears over the fact that, aside from the landslide votes in the South for those amendments, the others that passed didn’t have a satisfactory margin of victory.

“This is not 2004. Some people said there would be no difference in the votes, but they’re not the ones fighting this,” said Julaine Appling, president of Vote Yes for Marriage, the Wisconsin advocacy group. “This time, there’s more money, more time and more organization. We could have had our initiative on the ballot in April 2005, but in that 18 months, the other side got their message really refined and raised more money. That happened in all eight of these states. So I think if we all could have done this in 2004, we’d have numbers that looked more like the ones in 2004. I think we have to sit down and talk about why this is happening.”

…”I still think the big issue is going to be at the federal level with the Marriage Protection Amendment (to the U.S. Constitution),” said Regier. “But I think it gets harder as time goes along, because, to borrow a phrase, we are, as a culture, slouching toward Gomorrah. The way (we’ve) operated (in South Dakota) is, this is a spiritual battle. It’s time that the church wakes up. If it boils down to political will every election, eventually we’re going to lose, if we don’t have an awakening in the Church. We always said in South Dakota, we’d sacrifice some of the political capital we had to minister to homosexuals and encourage pastors to talk about the sinfulness of homosexuality and offer that message of hope and healing. We used this amendment as a vehicle to preach the truth in love.”

The article also begins the doomsday scenario over the prospect of losing the Senate to Dems (which has now occurred), and with it the Senate Judiciary Committee. Boo-hoo.

Something finally turned up in Freeperville on Arizona.

Actual Freeper Quotes (and more)

As for Arizona(51-49), favorite son Barry Goldwater was pro-homosexual agenda, also the Missouri stem cell initiative was also a sqeaker, while it was winning overwhelmingly two weeks ago.

OK liberals..let’s party….experiments on human embryos, kill those babies and let’s sanctify the union of perverted same sex. I love this country…..(src) My toilet bowl has more honor than the cesspool of filthy values espoused by these insipid liberals. God help this nation.

I’m in AZ and voted yes on Prop 107 banning gay marriage. The anti-107 forces here were successful in fooling people to thinking this was not about gay marriage, but about domestic partners losing their benefits. The anti-107 ads I got in the mail had NO pictures of people of the same sex in them, just nice ordinary, heterosexual couples with children living together, or a senior heterosexual couple living together who don’t want to get their social security cut.

Any bets on how long it will be until “the will of the people” is forced on us here in AZ by the courts?

If homosexual marriage becomes legal in AZ, we’re out of here.

Unfortunately, look for the pro-gay marriage to use the result of Prop 107 to say that it’s the will of the people that gay marriage be legal in AZ – hey, Prop 107 lost, right?

What has happened to Arizona ? The last time I checked, they were a Red state.

They have become the first state in the union NOT to ban gay marriage in a referendum. Even California and Hawaii banned gay marriage.

Is it because conservatives opted to stay home ? If so, this is a lesson — YOU GET WHAT YOU DON’T FIGHT FOR.

It’s also because there was a part of the Proposition that involved domestic partnerships. This was the oppositions selling point. No where in all the commercials or anything was there anything about this being about homosexual unions.

The Arizona “gay marriage ban” also denied benefits to non-married HETEROSEXUAL couples. So it was unpopular with a lot of people who would have otherwise voted for an up or down definition of marriage.

It’s also because there was a part of the Proposition that involved domestic partnerships. This was the oppositions selling point. No where in all the commercials or anything was there anything about this being about homosexual unions.

We have lots of “Snow Birds” who fly in during the winter months to cohabitate in relative comfort (80+ degrees) compared to more inhospitable climes. These sexy-genarians didn’t wan’t to lose their benefits (or so the demagoguery went).

Lawyers for the homosexual lobby will find that the previous ban is unconstitutional given the election results, judges will rule in favor, and AZ will have gay marriage. I pray this doesn’t happen, but we all know how the homosexual activists work.

Maybe all those Californians moving to AZ are bringing their crackpot ideas with them. Kind of like what the people from Mass. did to New Hampshire.

Yeh…the blue tide on cancerous metastasis spreading. Looks like Montana has some of that too. Time to carve out and move to the separate ‘nation of Jesusland’.

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