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Massachusetts Constitutional Convention debate over marriage equality

New England LGBT paper Bay Windows is blogging the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, called to decide on whether a gay marriage ban can be placed on the ballot. Check it out.

What will it take? Fifty of Massachusetts’ 200 lawmakers must vote to approve the measure in two consecutive legislative sessions. According to the Boston Globe, ban supporters said they have close to 60 votes for today’s ConCon.

House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi and others on his leadership team who support same-sex marriage are rounding up votes to derail a proposed ban on gay marriage scheduled to be discussed today in Constitutional Convention, sources said yesterday.

…Opponents of the proposed ban need 150 votes to block it, but DiMasi’s strategy changes the equation. He would need to muster just 101 votes to recess, far fewer than the 150 he and other gay marriage supporters would need to kill the proposed ban. If the lawmakers recess before voting or if the measure fails to win 50 votes in this legislative session, the petition dies.

There are vocal demonstrations by both sides going on outside the state house.

A current poll on the site:
Should a gay marriage ban be put on the 2008 state ballot?

62.1% No. This is a civil rights issue and the majority shouldn’t be able to vote to take rights away from the minority.

37.9% Yes. Voters should have a say on whether gay marriage can continue in Massachusetts.

Here is photoblogging of the ConCon from Bay Windows.

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