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GOP staffers heading for the unemployment line

[UPDATE: Ken Mehlman’s tired, sorry, losing *ss will be polishing, er, his resume.]

As the power shift in DC occurs, a flood of GOPers are going to be pounding the pavement. It’s all about those economic principles of supply and demand, huh? (Roll Call):

The hundreds of Republican staffers — not to mention more than a few Members — who will lose their jobs in the next few weeks are going to face a hostile marketplace on K Street as unemployed Republicans flood the market.

…Jack Quinn, a Democratic lobbyist who runs Quinn Gillespie & Associates, said his firm is not looking to add Republicans, even if it meant getting them for a discount.

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…Rich Gold, who runs the lobbying practice at the law firm Holland & Knight, said he has sent word out to his team that “we’re hiring for our needs, not to give people jobs who are going to need jobs.”

Another Republican lobbyist who heads a firm said he was preparing “to get inundated with résumés” and wasn’t looking forward to it.

…Said one GOP leadership aide who plans to enter lobbying, “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

According to the WaPo, the rumor is that RNC is looking at replacing Ken-bot with failed Maryland Senate candidate Michael Steele (who, ostensibly, would look more credible wrangling in black voters).

Steele would not challenge current RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, but chatter among Republican insiders is that Mehlman has made clear for months that he might not return to his current post.

“Chairman Mehlman will be making an announcement regarding his future at the RNC in the coming weeks,” said RNC communication director Brian Jones.

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Blogenfreude has an idea about where some of these job hunters can seek employment.

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