Blame it on the macacas:

As the canvassing continues in Virginia, Sen. George Allen, R-Virginia, is sequestered in his home, “shell shocked,” and going through “a nightmare,” during this period of limbo, a senior Allen staffer tells CNN.

In a conference call with his senate staff and regional representatives Wednesday afternoon, the Virginia senator “didn’t concede but he was clearly not emboldened to fight this,” according to the staffer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Could we please have an embargo on the word ‘emboldened‘. Jesus, ever since we started the Clash of Civilizations In Mark Steyn’s Head, emboldened has become the ‘paradigm‘ of our age.

  • George Allen is not enthusiastic about the prospect of a recount
  • George Allen doesn’t think a recount is called for.
  • George Allen doesn’t want to put the voters of Virginia through the ordeal and expense of a recount.
  • George Allen is wandering around his house in his underwear sobbing uncontrollably while eating frosting out of the can.
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