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Ladies’ Night


The most powerful woman in US history.  Two words guaranteed to reduce any wingnut to a puddle of piss — Speaker Pelosi. 

And while it may not be the most profound analysis of the '06 House race, it may be one of the more insightful.  From TBogg :

I'm very surprised that Jim Ryun (Kansas-02) was kicked to the curb (regardless of his shady real estate deal), but not so surprised that all the women-beaters (Fine – MN , Sherwood – PA, Sweeney – NY) found out that Smack My Bitch Up doesn't work well as a campaign slogan.

Looks like three more Blue America candidates are going to pull it off tonight — Jerry McNerney, John Hall and Chris Carney.  Remember that when you hear all the pundits trying to chalk this victory up to the triumph of the gay hating K Street whores "centrists" (*cough*):  that's a lazy, dumbass analysis that doesn't pass the smell test.

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Jane Hamsher

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