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Howie Klein Answers Emails


One of the candidates who used our "Had Enough" video to defeat his Republican incumbent opponent Sheri McInvale by 22.1% was Scott Raldolph.  Scott is an environmental attorney and former public advocate for Florida Clean Water Action who ran on a campaign to raise teachers' salaries.  And he credits "Had Enough" with playing an important part in his campaign against an incumbent with a $1.2 million war chest.  Howie Klein got a thank-you note:

This double digit victory shows that the voters here in Orlando cannot be bought with a 1.2 million dollar war chest. It also shows that we want a representative that looks after our interests, and no the interests of the influences that write the checks.

Howie, Scott and Susannah told me to convey their thanks to you. "Have You Had Enough?" was a hit in our campaign, and energized us all in our final push for votes. I guess that's what happens when you get two of the Zippers on a project– a catchy tune you can clean house to.

And of course, I want to thank you personally (or I guess electronically), for answering one e-mail out of what must be a voluminous inbox, and for that most gracious post on your blog. I will always remember the year 2006 as the breaking dawn of a brighter day.

Darren Vierday

As Digby said about "Had Enough" and Howie's efforts on behalf of progressives the other day:

This is how you create a majority party, my friends. You make people believe in the party and support them even when they are not immediately "winners" by creating a feeling of solidarity. You make it feel good to be a Democrat again.

I'm not holding my breath for Cokie Roberts to inform the world that it's all due to Howie Klein that the Democrats took the House, but there's slghtly more evidence for that than there is for making the same absurd claim about Rahm and his fabulous "blue dogs."

Apologies to Rahm — as was pointed out in the coments, Randolph was in the FL State House and Rahm had nothing to do with it. 

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