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Webb Declares Victory As Lieberman Sells Ass


Webb declares victory in advance of the recount.  Well done.  He won, as I expect final review will confirm.

Meanwhile, I guarantee you Lieberman was rooting for Webb, or for any configuration of final race results that will make him a critical swing vote for control of the Senate.  Whether the Republicans need him as a crossover for control or just as an extra vote to make 51, he will leverage his position in a bidding war between the Dems and the White House.  Bet on it.

Joe promised during his campaign his seniority would be there for him, and I'm sure it will be, no matter who offers it to him.  It's hustler time in Connecticut.  Joe will milk a bidding war for time and attention and the best personal deal he can get, because for Joe, it's all about Joe.

I guarantee you one of the first congratulatory calls he got was from Rove tonight, and that Cheney called him, too.  On the news, people are talking about Joe as if he is a secure vote for Reid as Leader, but Joe's a cheap street corner rentboy retread waving a yellow hanky now. 

It's going to be quite the ghastly show. I hope Harry Reid is into water sports.

On the House side, we're pitching a shutout so far.  All holds or pickups.  Nyah nyah nyeh nyah nyaaah! 

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