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Virginia polls closed at 7:00 pm tonight.

As of 9:00 pm 66% of precincts reporting with George “Macaca” Allen in the lead.

This is not necessarily a bad thing since the reporting precincts are all from southern and southwestern Virginia. The majority of Northern Virginia which is traditionally a very “Blue” section is not yet reported.

*Update: Breakdown of vote so far by Income. One can see that the lower the class (people affected by the economy the most) and the upper class (the top 10 percent of the population) agree more with the Democrats and Jim Webb on economical issues. People in the middle class (like me) for some reason have drank the Kool-Aid and believe that the GOP will save them money.

Per CNN:
Virginia vote by income

**Update 10:00pm: According to Yahoo! 76% of precincts have reported and Jim Webb (D) is behind by approximately 11,000 votes. This is a slim number as he is only at 49% to Macaca’s 50%, with 1% of the vote gone to the Independent candidate.

With almost a quarter of precincts left to report there is still a chance for Webb to pull ahead. Fingers crossed everyone!

***Update 10:15pm: The Virginia Marriage Amendment, according to MSNBC, is at 58% in favor and 42% opposed. This is sad but not entirely unexpected news. Socially, Virginia is a very conservative state. Also, with 91% of the precincts reporting in Virginia, George “Deer Head in the Mailbox” Allen is still at 50% ahead of Webb’s 49% but is pulling ahead further slightly now leading by about 30,000 votes. *Adam Ebbin makes a statement on the amendment

****Update 10:30pm: George Allen is sadly still only ahead by 1% with 50% of the vote and only 32,000 individual votes after 93% of the precincts reporting.

*****Update 10:45pm: Senator Harry Reid to Kieth Olbermann: There will automatically be a recount to determine the winner between “Macaca” and Webb. The precincts inside the “beltway” are still reporting; there’s still a chance!

******Update 11:17pm: The gap is closing as the “beltway” votes come in. The difference between the two now is only about 13,000 votes, still in favor of Allen. The reporting is at 97% now.

*******Update 11:50pm: Webb is ahead, according to CNN by 3,000, however MSNBC is reporting 2,300 in favor of Allen Webb. Keep your fingers crossed blenders!

********Update 1:14am: With only 2,726 votes separating the Virginia Senate candidates, a recount is automatically guaranteed. We will find out in a day or so what the actual numbers are. Faux News’ own closeted homo-rethuglican has already conceded the election for Allen to Webb. “Our team of experts have re-crunched the numbers and it they add up correctly. Historically recounts only re-affirm the results.”

Tomorrow, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the screaming talking heads like Sean Hannity, Bill “I simply cannot tell the truth” O’Reilly, and Rush “Oxycontin & Viagra” Limbaugh as they try to spin this so much their heads explode. Remember, Hannity will blame his listeners.

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