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Meet the Losers


Let me introduce the world to some new realities:

Karl Rove is not a genius.  He is the author of the biggest GOP defeat in most of our lifetimes. 

America really hates George Bush.  Tonight, America said to George Bush, STFU and cut the dumb shit.  Bring the troops home, pronto.

America is helping Democrats to pitch a shutout so far, holding all their seats, completely overturning the GOP revolution of 1994 in the House.  The Senate looks to me like a 51 vote win for the Dems now. 

Thanks, Karl. 

What we talked about earlier this week is holding up:  the Old Confederacy is the big loser tonight, relegated to the minority in the House.  There is no reason, none, nada, zilch, to allow legislation in the House to be held hostage to Southern authoritarian Theocrats and racists anymore.  Buh-bye.

Meet the losers, folks:  Karl Rove, George Bush and the Republicans.

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Pachacutec did not, as is commonly believed, die in 1471. To escape the tragic sight of his successors screwing up the Inca Empire he’d built, he fled east into the Amazon rain forest, where he began chewing lots of funky roots to get higher than Hunter Thompson ever dared. Oddly, these roots gave him not only a killer buzz, but also prolonged his life beyond what any other mortal has known, excluding Novakula. Whatever his doubts of the utility of living long enough to see old friends pop up in museums as mummies, or witness the bizarrely compelling spectacle of Katherine Harris, he’s learned a thing or two along the way. For one thing, he’s learned the importance of not letting morons run a country, having watched the Inca Empire suffer many civil wars requiring the eventual ruler to gain support from the priests and the national military. He now works during fleeting sober moments to build a vibrant progressive movement sufficiently strong and sustainable to drive a pointed stake through the heart of American “conservatism” forever. He enjoys a gay marriage, classic jazz and roots for the New York Mets.