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Massive Voter Turnout in CT


I've been hearing rumors of expected 65% turnout in CT, but it turns out that may be low.  From the Danbury Times:

Some 70 percent of the registered voters will go to the polls today, according to Connecticut Secretary Susan Bysiewicz.

By comparison, 56 percent of the state’s voters cast ballots four years ago, Bysiewicz said."We only had 5 hours of voting this morning and we’ve already at nearly 30 percent in some cities," she said.

Those cities include Danbury, where almost 30 percent of registered voters turned out by noon. Towns in greater Danbury are also reporting large voter turn out. Brookfield had 20 percent turn out by 10 a.m. Newtown had almost 20 percent by 11 a.m.

Bysiewicz said the state registered 86,000 people to vote between May 1 and Oct. 31. She attributed that to huge interest in the federal House and Senate races.

The 86,000 new voters break down as 38% Democrat, 15% Republican and 47% unafilliated.  As one Lamont staffer noted when asked how the "unaffiliateds" would swing, "Newly registered people did so to vote for change.  Why would they register to vote for an 18 year entrenched incumbent?" 

(photo thanks to RevDeb)

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