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Greetings From Tryst


Christy and TRex say howdy!

So, we're hanging out here at Tryst.  Scott Johnson of Powerline just referred to me as the "cute red head from Firedoglake," no doubt earning the love of his Powerline readers for all eternity.

Oh yeah.

I'm sitting at a table with the lovely Jeralyn of TalkLeft.  We're having some connection issues, but Clarence the Computer Wonder God is helping us out.  Yay, Clarence.  I'll see if TRex can get a snap of him later.

It's is a crazy mix of folks here.  Behind me is Steve Clemons.  Atrios is diagonal from me on a very comfy looking couch.  The fabu Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend is to my right — so great to meet her in person.  TRex and John Amato are camping out on a cozy little setee.  Jerome Armstrong is sitting on thee couch opposite me reading his e-mail with a Mona Lisa smile on this face (I'll find out the dirt on that one later…).  Aravosis and Joe in DC are clear across the room and blogging away.

It's a little weird — the wingnuts have staked out their little enclaves, and are scowling a lot.  The progressive bloggers look a bit more relaxed and cheery — with a few exceptions on both sides.

We all agree that the snacks here are quite tasty.  And the staff here at Tryst are taking very good care of us.  Just got an e-mail from Joe Wilson — Hi Joe! — and we may be getting some updates from the Dem HQ in a little while when polls start closing…which I will immediately share with you guys.  It's an exciting evening — and I'm getting ready to peruse some exit poll numbers.  Wish you guys were here!

UPDATE:  NeoJoe just stopped by to say hey!  What a sweetie.  I swear, we have the best readers.  How's everyone holding up?  Who is already breaking out the popcorn?

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Christy Hardin Smith

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