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Early Issue Exit Polling


CNN just announced their (grain of salt) exit polling asking voters "what was the most important issue" influencing your vote?

42% — corruption in Washington

40% — terrorism

39% — the economy

37% — Iraq (57% disapprove, 41% approve)

They also asked what mattered more to your vote — national or local issues?  62% said national, 33% said local, 5% others. So it looks like the Democrats' attempts to nationalize the election and make it a referendum on Bush rule may have been successful.  The only good news for the GOP would be that terrorism still charts, but the majority of the people polled felt that either party was qualified to deal with the problem, so it really didn't swing Republican.  Finally, the issue that the GOP was really pimping — "Nancy Pelosi will raise your taxes" — didn't seem to have much traction.

Christy and TRex are on CNN right now at Tryst Cafe in DC (above), along with Atrios, Jeralyn Merritt and others. Atrios says that Glenn Reynolds will be joining by webcam.  Feel the excitement.

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