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Closet-loving Craig and gay-bashing Macaca haven't figured it out

These GOP hypocrites haven’t learned from Haggard or Mark Foley. Playing the tired homo card really only draws attention to yourself. In Larry Craig’s (R-ID) case, the recently outed senator is trying to deflect attention from his predicament as a anti-gay queer boy by coming out, so to speak, for his state’s marriage amendment on the ballot today.

Idaho Senator Larry Craig said today that he will be voting “Yes” on HJR 2, the proposed amendment to the Idaho Constitution defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Craig wanted to clarify his position after a mass-mailing from a group called “Families for a Better Idaho” was sent to voters over the weekend, suggesting that he does not support the amendment.

“A statement of mine has been quoted out of context to suggest I am opposing the proposed marriage amendment to Idaho’s constitution,” Craig said. “On the contrary, I intend to vote in favor of HJR 2, consistent with the longstanding position I have taken in the U.S. Senate that the appropriate definition of marriage is a union between one man and one woman. The misquoted statement only reflects my belief that each State should be allowed to make its own decision on the definition of marriage, instead of being forced to accept another State’s definition.”

And in Senator George Allen’s case, it’s apparent that this turd thinks he’s going to gay-bash his way to victory in Virginia (another state with an amendment). He was on TV proclaiming that those activist judges were taking away “his rights” in the popular zero-sum game of granting civil rights to gay citizens. John:

Lots and lots and lots of George Allen’s top Senate staff have been openly gay. Even the staff Allen hired to run the committees he’s on – gay. And when George Allen was governor of Virginia, who were some of his senior staffers? Gay. I knew them.

George Allen has a de facto affirmative action policy for hiring attractive young gay men. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s more than a bit hypocritical (not to mention extremely odd) that a guy who spends so much time worrying about gays (rather than, say, Iraq?) has had such a strong penchant for hiring young gay men as his most senior staff over and over for the past decade.

I hope all of these GOP hypocrites crash and burn tonight.

Who do you most want to see crying and conceding at the podium tonight? Santorum? Musgrave? Allen? Bachmann?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding