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Christy on CNN


Christy on CNN talks about Lieberman/Lamont (C&L has the video):

Jacquie Schechner:  What are your thoughts right now after hearing Lieberman eked out a victory over Lamont?

Christy Hardin-Smith:  Obviously it's disappointing, but at the same time I think that all the Democratic candidates that won tonight owe Ned Lamont a thank-you.  He changed the conversation with his win in the primary to the failures and the lack of accountability in Iraq, he changed the conversation to the fact that there needed to be less rubber stamping in the US congress, and more oversight and more checks and balances and I think that that's something that Americans voted on this evening.

It's early in the evening and already three of the progressive candidates from our Blue America page — Mike Arcuri, Kristen Gillibrand and Joe Sestak have picked off their Republican opponents.  Somebody might want to wake Mike Krempasky up and let him know he's just taken a 32 seat ass-waxing, because he doesn't seem to realize that a bunch of Democratic House committee chairs have just become his beloved President's worst nightmare come true.

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