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In Bridgeport, the state's largest city and an aging industrial port, 80-year-old Bill Moll was dismayed by the robo-calls he received. The Republicans launched a blizzard of those automated phone calls, attacking Farrell. And because the calls began with a cheery notation about Farrell, some voters assumed the Democrat had sponsored the calls.

"It's unbelievable how many calls I got about Farrell — drove me nuts," said Moll, who put on his hearing aid to field these calls. "It's why I voted for Shays."

Told that many of the calls were likely sponsored by national Republicans, Moll shrugged. "Then I voted for the wrong reason," he said.

Ken Mehlman has been all over the TV today, looking a bit haggard and screaming about Democratic voter intimidation, completely unanswered by major Democrats who were, I suppose, too busy.  Looks like Digby's prediction could be right.

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