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At the E-lection Blog Party

4-6PM: Some pix and comments as we settle in at Tryst Bar/Coffeehouse, which is buzzing with activity. I arrived around 4PM; there are couches and tables all around. I settled on a table near the bar (no, I’m not imbibing, just Diet Coke for me). We do in fact, have a monitor that we can tune to other channels, mine is on closed captioning, since it would be insane if we all had the audio on. Wireless took a while to set up, but I’m online.

Lots of cords, wires, techie types scurrying around. Our table has been on camera a couple of times as they scan the room. CNN Internet reporters Abbi Tatton and Jacki Schechner warmly greeted everyone. Below is Jackie with Duncan.

I was by myself there for a while, but was joined by folks on the Right side of the spectrum, Kevin Aylward and Lori Byrd of WizBangBlog, Betsy Newmark of Betsy’s Page, and Scott Johnson of Powerline.

Even though I’m outnumbered at this table, the earth did not open and no one fell in. Sorry folks. Perhaps we’ll have a food fight once returns start coming in. 🙂

Yes, there’s a real mix in the room, Look at who was one of the first people I had my picture taken with — someone who’s probably perceived as my “anti-blogger” on the Right La Shawn Barber (she just told me that Stacy Harp, of all folks, commented at La Shawn’s pad: “Tell her this ‘fundie’ as she’s referred to me on her blog, says “Hi and I hope the Dems lose.”). Oh, this is fun. 🙂

I met, but haven’t yet gotten a picture with Americablog’s John and Joe; I’ll try for that later. Here’s one of John:

Christy of Firedoglake and Jeralyn of TalkLeft are directly behind me at another table, with TRex, also of Firedoglake, is off to my left on a couch.

Argh. They allow smoking in this joint! WTF!? I think I’m going to choke to death before the evening is over.

6 PM: Most bloggers are socializing and schmoozing; I’m the geek, sitting here getting my election result threads up for you all before seeing what kind of food they’ve got because there won’t be any noshing once things heat up as polls close.

That’s all for now…

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