Hey, it worked for John Roberts and Strip Search Sammy

I don’t want to harp too much on Santorum/Casey because, let’s face it: outside of the Katherine Harris Juggernaut (Juggernautâ„¢ a trademark of First Draft LLC) which was a sinking ship even before it left the dock, everyone knew that Santorum was going down like Ted Haggard at a rave. Jesus, this has been the conventional wisdom for, like, a year. Rick Santorum is just not a likeable man. He’s a smug sanctimonius inflexible prig with anger issues and it comes through every time he opens his mouth. Joe Lieberman is the same thing, but at least he hides it under his Droopy Dog goofiness.

Over at The Corner (which is a friggin’ goldmine of unintentional sniggers this evening) Rick Brookheiser has this to say:

Disappointed Fans of Rick Santorum [Rick Brookhiser]
….can take comfort from the fact that Bob Casey, Jr. won by a very old political gambit.
“Let him say not one single word about his principles, or his creed—let him say nothing—promise nothing. Let no Committee, no convention—no town meeting ever extract from him a single word, about what he thinks now, or what he will do hereafter. Let the use of pen and ink be wholly forbidden as if he were a mad poet in Bedlam.” Nicholas Biddle on William Henry Harrison.

Which is essentially how George Bush’s two Supreme Court nominees got on the bench. As loathsome a person as Fat Tony Scalia is, at least he has the courage of his warped convictions to say what he thinks. Roberts and Alito lack that kind of sack.

Maybe if Rick Santorum had followed Nelson Biddle’s advice he wouldn’t have to tell the kids that there’s not going to be any 12 Apostle Action Figures&#153 under the Christmas tree this year unless Mommy Santorum can whip up another malpractice suit and Lawyer Daddy Santorum decides to take the case.

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