Things that are almost as important as the election

Like the fact that K-Fed’s fifteen minutes are almost up:

K-Fed’s New York City gig at Webster Hall wasn’t cancelled as some predicted — but it reportedly took some big-time begging on his part.

“They were going to cancel this concert, but he begged them to keep it on,” a Webster Hall bartender told Star. “He had to fight with them to keep this concert.” Only 300 people showed up at the club that holds 1,500.

K-Fed was scheduled to go on at 7 pm, but the crowd was so sparse that the aspiring rapper waited for three hours in hopes that more fans would appear.

“He was holding things up because there weren’t enough fans,” the bartender told the tab. “It was a bad idea — he shouldn’t have neglected the fans who were there.”

Federline’s performance has been described as “mercifully short.” Britney Spears’s hubby only rapped for about half an hour and, reports one eyewitness, “seemed really confused about how to act on stage. He would pace from one side of the stage to the other, just saying things like, ‘Hey’ thirty times in a row or ‘New York, thank you for coming — buy my CD.’ ”

If you want to get away from all election/all the time, spend a few minutes with Mr. Britney Spears and his wife at Fugly.

You can thank me later.

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