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7:30 PM states – Election 2006 – open thread

CNN (10:45): Shuler defeats Taylor in NC! Don’t let the door hit you, Charles….

Ken Blackwell’s in the toilet: Strickland wins.

CNN projects Democrat Sherrod Brown will win Ohio Senate Race, defeating incumbent Republican Sen. Mike DeWine


Post news, voting shenanigans and comments about these states…

Polls close in Ohio, North Carolina and West Virginia.

North Carolina
11th District (now R): Heath Shuler (D) vs. Rep. Charles Taylor (R)
8th District (now R): Larry Kissell (D) vs. Rep. Robin Hayes (R)
13th District (now D): Rep. Brad Miller (D) vs. Vernon Robinson (R)

Governor (now R): Rep. Ted Strickland (D) vs. Sec. State Ken Blackwell (R)
Senator (now R): Rep. Sherrod Brown (D) vs. Sen. Mike DeWine (R)
1st District (now R): John Cranley (D) vs. Rep. Steve Chabot (R)
2nd District (now R): Victoria Wells Wulsin (D) vs. Rep. Jean Schmidt (R)
6th District (now D): Charlie Wilson (D) vs. Chuck Blasdel (R)
12th District (now R): Bob Shamansky (D) vs. Rep. Pat Tiberi (R)
13th District (now D): Betty Sutton (D) vs. Craig Foltin (R)
15th District (now R): Mary Jo Kilroy (D) vs. Rep. Deborah Pryce (R)
18th District (now R): Zack Space (D) vs. Joy Padgett (R)

West Virginia
Senator (now D): Sen. Robert Byrd (D) vs. John Raese (R)


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