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7 PM states – Election 2006 – open thread

Post news, voting shenanigans and comments about these states…

Polls close in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Vermont and Virginia.

(States with links have their own threads because of marriage amendments)

Governor (now R): Lt. Gov Mark Taylor (D) vs. Gov. Sonny Perdue (R)
8th District (now D): Rep. Jim Marshall (D) vs. former Rep. Mac Collins (R)
12th District (now D): Rep. John Barrow (D) vs. former Rep. Max Burns (R)

Senator (now R): Richard G. Lugar (R), unopposed
2nd District (now R): Joe Donnelly (D) vs. Rep. Chris Chocola (R)
7th District (now D): Rep. Julia Carson (D) vs. Eric Dickerson (R)
8th District (now R): Brad Ellsworth (D) vs. Rep. John Hostettler (R)
9th District (now R): Baron Hill (D) vs. Rep. Mike Sodrel (R)

3rd District (now R): John Yarmuth (D) vs. Rep. Anne Northup (R)
4th District (now R): Ken Lucas (D) vs. Rep. Geoff Davis (R)

New Hampshire
Governor (now D): Gov. John Lynch (D) vs. State Rep. Jim Coburn (R)
2nd District (now R): Paul Hodes (D) vs. Rep. Charlie Bass (R)

South Carolina
Governor (now R): State Sen. Tommy Moore (D) vs. Gov. Mark Sanford (R)

Governor (now R): Scudder Parker (D) vs. Gov. Jim Douglas (R)
Senator (now Indpt): Rep. Bernard Sanders (Indpt) vs. Rich Tarrant (R)
At Large House Seat (now Indpt): Peter Welch (D) vs. Martha Rainville (R)

Senator (now R): Former Navy Sec. Jim Webb (D) vs. Sen. George Allen (R)
2nd District (now R): Phil Kellam (D) vs. Rep. Thelma Drake (R)

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