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On the Ground in CT

Voter turnout is extraordinarily high in Connecticut — Chris Jansing on MSNBC says they are expecting 65%.  Joe has a truly abominable place on the ballot, much worse than anyone expected (as one Lamont staffer put it, "it blows").  Via Billmon we find a nice article in the NYT on the implications of this.  RevDeb just called to say that a Lieberman paid staffer wearing a sandwich board at a polling place had a live ass tethered to him.  With Dick Cheney turning out the Republican vote for him, I guess Joe is anxious to point up his ties to the people he soon hopes to be stabbing in the back.

Over at MLN, Scarce resurrects this Spazeboy video from January of this year, back when it seemed impossible that we would ever get past the primary.  It's quite an amazing yardstick, and Tom Swan is a hero for having the vision to put together a campaign that gave hope to so many, offered us a place to channel our dream of a better country and changed the national discourse.  His leadership skills and his tireless commitment to the campaign right to the end are inspirational.

Over at MyDD, Sirota has a very thoughtful piece on what it meant to him to be a part of this campaign that should be required reading for anyone trying to evaluate its impact henceforth.  And to all those who are out there working hard on the ground in Connecticut today to make it happen, a heartfelt thanks from all of us to all of you.

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