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(Photo credit to Reuters/Jim Bourg.)

[Please welcome Joel Silberman, a fantastic person and PFAW advocate.  And one of the most amazing people that I know.  — CHS]

America’s true democracy lives in a coffee house in the Adams Morgan section of DC. Tonight I am the guest of CNN where I’m in the company of some of the most read bloggers in the country. The election of 2006 will go down in history as a moment when the netroots changed America’s political conversation; when the mainstream moved from the far right of center to the center.

While Ned Lamont may have lost his race to be the Senator from Connecticut all Democrats who are winning tonight owe him a debt of gratitude for being the first candidate to make Iraq the center of this electoral season. And it was the blogosphere that fueled that conversation turning it into a referendum on accountability and the need for checks and balances on a President run amok.

When we win tonight we will see Democrats who are unapologetic progressives leading the way. And I believe this is only the edge of the progressive wave of people powered politics. I write tonight in admiration of every individual sitting at their computer participating in tonight’s political dialogue. This is 21st century democracy at its best.

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Joel Silberman

Joel Silberman