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VA fundie: George Allen endorsement will hurt marriage amendment

Here’s a novel theory — Macaca’s public support of his state’s marriage amendment measure will hurt its chances of passage because he’s perceived as a bigot, and therefore casting it as a partisan issue. Huh? It wasn’t before?

The Virginia-based Family Policy Network’s president, Joe Glover, says he believes Senator George Allen’s endorsement of the proposed Virginia marriage amendment will hurt rather than help that measure’s passage.

Glover believes that accusations from Allen’s opponents that the senator is a racist has turned the marriage amendment into a partisan issue. “In every other state where the marriage amendments have passed, the criticism has been it’s a form of discrimination to not allow homosexuals to marry, and that’s fallen on deaf ears,” Glover observes. “But suddenly,” he says, “it makes some sense because George Allen, the racist — so they say — has embraced the marriage amendment, and suddenly it’s a partisan issue in a split Democrat-Republican state like Virginia.”

Neither of the U.S. senators from Ohio endorsed that state’s marriage amendment, the Family Policy Network spokesman notes. And in Ohio, he points out, the marriage protection measure passed by a 60-40 margin. Glover believes it would have been better for pro-family supporters of the Virginia marriage amendment if Allen had said nothing about the issue one way or the other.

Joe Glover has made the Blend before with this knee-slapper:

“The homosexual activists in Washington, DC, have outed several members of George Allen’s staff as being homosexuals. In fact, they call George Allen’s office the gayest place on Capitol Hill. Now we didn’t say that; the homosexual activists in Washington, DC, did.”

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