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Tooting my own horn, again

Howdy! I know it’s election eve and there are more important races out there. But I wanted to remind the Blend that I am a quarterfinalist for a nationwide progressive talk contest (American Idol for liberal talk show hosts). There’s been a bit of a dust-up on the message boards about me being a one-trick anti-drug-war pony, even though my audition had nothing to do with the subject.

If you could be so kind as to surf over and leave some comments, that would be cool. You can hear my audio at and then youcan surf to the Message Boards. You’ll see a few threads about me. Create an account (they only need username, password, and e-mail, I think) and you can let them know I care about more than just legalizing the herb. The judges (one of whom is Ed Schultz) are watching…

This is so weird, reading what people think of you when they’ve never met you.

I’ll be back on the air this Saturday on your local Clear Channel Progressive Talk Station, live from 9AM-11AM Eastern, or you can catch it online at

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