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More than I ever wanted to know about Haggard

Here I was, surfing around for political news and I stop by Americablog and saw this. John has part of an interview that Michelangelo Signorile did with escort Mike Jones, who exposed Ted Haggard’s “other life.”

I had to quit reading after this passage because I was beginning to feel nauseous.

Michelangelo Signorile: Did he use the term “hook up?” I mean, what did he actually say he wanted to do?

Michael Jones: He said he wanted an appointment with me. He came to my apartment. And the clothes came right off. The first time it was pretty much mutual masturbation, then in time oral sex. He was really pretty vanilla. Only once in three years did we try anal sex.

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MS: Was he a top or bottom? What was he interested in?

MJ: When I was on the radio show in Denver, the question was asked: Did you practice safe sex? I said, ‘We used a condom once.” The talk show host goes, “You mean he wore the condom once?” I said, “Uh, no, I did.”

MS: What about with oral sex. Was he the passive partner or the active partner?

MJ: You know, it kind of went back and forth — and I can’t say he was very good at it.

Also, today on The Situation Room, CNN played part of a documentary with Haggard, who was talking about how great his holy rolling sex life was (I take it he wasn’t referring to rent-boy sex).

TED HAGGARD: We say marriage is better than no marriage. We say moral purity is better than immorality. We say telling the truth is better than telling a lie.

You know all of the surveys say that evangelicals have the best sex life of any other group.


CALLEBS (voice-over): Disgraced evangelical Ted Haggard talking to HBO for a documentary, “Friends of God,” set to air in January. Now listen to Haggard’s words read by the Reverend Larry Stockstill, as Haggard falls on his sword telling the congregation he’s guilty of betrayal and more.

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