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Mike Rogers and the fundie Capitol Hill prayer vigil

The Christian Defense Coalition, a group of evangelicals whose director, Rev. Pat Mahoney, complained last week that the faithful ‘feel used, taken for granted’ by GOP, went to the Capitol last night for a vigil. There was guitar strumming, songs and prayer “to seek God’s blessing, guidance and direction for the most important mid-term elections in many years.”

Mike Rogers of BlogActive and Proud of Who We Are decided to stop by and hand out flyers on hypocrites in the Republican Party to the gathering.

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See side 2 here.

Check out this Faux News report. One of the vigil leaders there bleated “folks are not to take some literature, I would ask that you not take it.” That, of course, guaranteed that people took the flyer, as the video shows.


The reporter said the group told her that the “faith and values vote cannot be counted on.”

* Pull out the tiny violin for the fundies — they feel like GOP doormats

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