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An article by Kevin Rennie in the Republican Hotline Blogometer claims that Joe Lieberman is currently:

1) gloating because when he called Senate Democrats and demanded they give no money to Ned Lamont, they said "okay" and didn't;

2) piled on John Kerry last week out of spite;

3) ordered his paid "supporters" to swarm around and shout "fuck you" to "Lamont and suburban matron Lt. Governor candidate Mary Glassman."

No matter what happens tomorrow (although I agree with Kos — the excitement on the ground in CT looks damn good) — every minute I got to spend fighting that pig Lieberman and trying to keep him out of the Senate was a minute of my life well spent, and I'm grateful to everyone in the Lamont campaign for giving me a chance to do so.

Tim Tagaris says much the same thing over at Kos. 

(graphic by Monk

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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