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It looks like John and I had the same idea. Last night I was surfing CNet looking at digital camera reviews and on the front page was a feature highlighting Chat Creator, which you can integrate into your blog.

I was going to launch it tomorrow during election coverage, but we might as well test it out now and see if it can take some traffic.

I’ve loaded it up in the column to the right. Give it a test drive and leave comments about how it works with IE, Firefox and other browsers.

Here’s what it looks like embedded in a post, which I could leave up and running at the top of the blog on election night. What do you think?

UPDATE: Nice tip from the comments — click in the chat window and right click — if you’re using Firefox in a new tab or preferably a new window. You can then resize the window so you can surf and chat. You can do this in Internet Explorer as well.

UPDATE 2: You can now click to open the chat in a separate window so you can read, surf and chat without worrying about refreshing.

UPDATE 3: I’ve taken the chat box off the post. You can open it up in a separate window by clinking the link below.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding