It’s all about George

Charlie Crist cuts and runs on George Bush, and Karl Rove gets pissy:

The White House did not hide its irritation Monday at Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist for ducking President Bush at a campaign rally in the Republican friendly Panhandle.

Crist said he considered the Pensacola area so firmly in his camp that it made more sense to campaign elsewhere in the state as the race to replace outgoing Gov. Jeb Bush tightened.

On a tarmac in Texas where the president boarded Air Force One for the trip east, Bush political strategist Karl Rove mockingly questioned what kind of alternate rally Crist could put together that would rival the expected 10,000-person crowd that Bush was expected to draw at the Pensacola Civic Center.

The White House already had distributed schedules saying Crist would introduce Bush at the rally.

The good news is that brother Jeb! will fill in for Crist along with the one candidate in Florida whose election prospects can’t be hurt by being seen with the president:

Jeb Bush will attend the Pensacola event in Crist’s place. Rep. Katherine Harris, who is mounting a lukewarm challenge to Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, will also be with the president.

“Lukewarm” That’s one way of describing her candidacy. “Rigor mortis” and “advanced stage of decomposition” also leap to mind as this video shows.

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