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From Phone Phreak to Campaign Thug: The Joe Cheaterman Story


Yup, you read that right: at the beginning of today's Veterans Day parade in downtown Hartford, Joe smiled and shook Ned's hand, and then quickly sent his folks out to try physically bar Ned from marching with Congressman John Larson and other Democrats who invited him to march. It was one of those moments where all you could think of saying was wow, stay classy Joe Lieberman.

Ned decided not to listen, and jogged around the Lieberman folks while we distracted them, and caught back up to the Democrats. When the Lieberman people again tried to physically remove Ned from the parade, Larson backed them off once and for all telling them simply: "Ned's with us." That could be the bumper sticker slogan of this campaign, as it perfectly sums up how in more and more people's minds, Ned represents standing up for regular people, and Joe represents standing up for the status quo.

Nice picture of Joe with Republican Nancy Johnson, too.  But they weren't campaigning together.  They were…uh…swapping chili recipies.

Can anyone explain why, in a year when the GOP is struggling to  finance all those house races, all their donors have maxed out to Lieberman (to the tune of about $20 million now)?  It's awfully important to them that he retain this Senate seat.  If that smells  funny to you, you can find ways to help right here

(thanks to CTBlogger for the MikeinCT video tip) 

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