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Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan from GOP Bloggers have a book coming out they call:

Caucus of Corruption

Caucus of Corruption by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan is the first book to specifically discuss the hypocrisy and corruption of today’s Democratic Party. The book not only exposes the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party’s ongoing plan to regain power by portraying the Republicans as corrupt, it also details the rampant corruption deep in the Democrat’s ranks.

Caucus of Corruption provides readers with concrete evidence of the hypocrisy within the Democratic Party and tells the story of a Democratic Party that plans to employ a phony ethics war to regain power.

In Caucus of Corruption, you will learn about

* Nancy Pelosi’s penchant for cronyism,
* Harry Reid’s connections to Jack Abramoff,
* Rahm Emanuel’s love for dirty money.
* Chuck Schumer’s clashes with campaign finance laws.

and much, much, more!

* Who in the Democratic Party is connected to embattled lobbyist Jack Abramoff?
* How many have run afoul of campaign finance laws?
* Who are taking free trips, accepting bribes and lobbyist cash?

It’s all in Caucus of Corruption!

And if you’re going to talk about Abramoff and free trips and bribes and lobbyist cash, who better to get for your first book endorsement than… Tom DeLay.

I’m excited to report that Caucus of Corruption has received its first endorsement! Our first endorsement comes from Rep. Tom DeLay, a great man and politician who found himself the number one target of Democrats in their phony ethics war.

We are pleased to present to you a portion of DeLay’s endorsement.

“…Margolis and Noonan have cut through the smoke and mirrors to reveal what the liberals are really hiding – their complete lack of leadership and refusal to stand up for the values-based agenda most Americans are demanding. This book is a must read for all Americans looking for the unreported motivations behind the Left’s political scene.

The true story has always been there, and we’re pleased that we’re able to tell it. Matt and I wish to thank Tom DeLay not only for his endorsement, but also for his service to our nation.

Matt and Mark have yet to hear from “Duke” Cunningham and Bob Ney’s hairpiece…

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