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"Radical" Russ – Quarterfinalist: America's Next Great Progressive Talk Star

Remember last week how I told y’all I won the Progressive Talk Radio Contest on Portland’s local Air America affiliate, AM 620 KPOJ?

Well, I have just been informed that I made the cut for the national quarterfinals. I’ll be on the air live tomorrow this morning (I forgot it was already Saturday on the Blend), competing against 7 other contestants nationally, at 10:40am Eastern / 7:40am Pacific. I get five minutes to “rant about whatever I want”. I’ll be glad to take suggestions here. I’ll probably give the Blend a shout-out.

You can listen on your local Clear Channel progressive talk station (but not here in Portland, I don’t think), or you can listen over the web at

This is all happening very fast… so fast I haven’t had time to get really excited about it yet. That’s probably a good thing.

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