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Tool McCain shills for AZ marriage amendment

It’s not enough to work the leg of Dear Leader, Humpty McCain’s self-esteem is so low and his presidential ambitions so high that the pandering bastard is practically sucking off the fundies two years in advance for their 2008 vote. I hope he’s ready to continue performing to go the distance…

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AZ Central reports that McCain appears in two new television spots for Proposition 107, the marriage amendment that will be on the ballot on Tuesday, sponsored by Protect Marriage Arizona. The measure would ban civil unions — and prevent any municipalities from extending domestic partner benefits to any unmarried couples. The commercials are airing in the Phoenix market.

Ad 1: Proposition 107 – It’s about Marriage!

Ad2 :Don’t let judges redefine marriage in Arizona!

Hat tip to John, who notes:

The really sick part is that McCain has always had gay staff in high-level positions, going back to the early 90s at least, and yet he’s still an anti-gay bigot. His staffers even had long-term partners, and McCain had no problem with that. But now he does. Well, again, to be fair, it’s Friday, so TODAY McCain is an anti-gay bigot because he’s now wooing the religious right. The past five years, McCain was actually pro-gay (though before that time, he was again anti-gay). So, we might get lucky, by the time McCain runs for president in 2008 he may be pro-gay again. Just need to catch him on the right day.

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