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The Harder They Fall


It sure did show an amazing amount of foresight on the part of Rahm Emmanuel and the DCCC to make sure all all the Republican crooks of the House who were under investigation for their roles in myriad K Street scandals had good stong opponents for November.  You never knew when another one was going to fall, right?

The latest casualty seems to be John Doolittle, who made the front page of the Washington Post this morning for a $29,400 vacation he took with his daughter paid for by non-profit groups fronting for the lobbying firm Alexander Strategy:

Doolittle, who serves on the House Appropriations Committee, told The Washington Post this year that from 2002 to 2005 he sponsored $37 million in spending-bill earmarks that went to a firm controlled by a key Alexander Strategy client. The client, Brent R. Wilkes, is a target of the federal investigation stemming from the bribery case and guilty plea of former representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.). Doolittle's wife, Julie Doolittle, was hired by Alexander Strategy to help keep the books for the Korean nonprofit.

Sure is good to know that Rahm had the superb judgment to recruit one of those fabulous sexist, homophobic business-friendly "centrists" who won't mention the war that the country is so hungry for to run against Doolittle, right?  Oh sorry, that's progressive Charlie Brown fighting to defeat Doolittle, one of our Blue America candidates.

Well what can you say.  At least Rahm recruited someone to run against he equally crooked Jerry Lewis — oh wait, my bad. Lewis is running virtually unopposed. Well, Rahm probably wasn't aware that Lewis was so crooked he had to screw his pants on in the morning and under investigation by the Justice Department.  I mean, just because it was all over the headlines, who knew?

At the very least we've got to give him credit for finding someone to run against Richard Pombo, though.  That was a good move.  [EDITOR'S NOTE:  THAT GUY GOT HIS ASS KICKED BY BLUE AMERICA CANDIDATE JERRY MCNERNEY.  WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE ERROR.] 

Looking forward to all those "centrists" Rahm recruited like Heath Shuler and…um, he's the only one who ever gets mentioned in all those insightful pro-Rahm press releaases investigative journalism pieces but I'm sure there must be more, and…um…Heath Shuler…going to the House so they can save us all from the progressives that nobody (well, except for the people voting for them) seem to want.

Moderator note: Nate has an interesting comment ~#86: Three months ago the DCCC had the CA-04th in the “when hell freezes over” category in terms of funding and support. They weren’t even interested in putting up a fight. The gutless wonders…

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