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Polls show South Dakota marriage amendment a toss-up

Wow. Who knew this would be close? An Argus Leader/Mason-Dixon poll shows that 47% of voters would vote against the measure, 46% would vote for it, and 7% are undecided.

This amendment bans civil unions, domestic partnerships or “other quasi-marital relationships.”

I just received an email from John Marble, Communications Director of National Stonewall Democrats, and he passed on the good news that it looks like support for a marriage amendment in South Dakota is plummeting. The ground forces of South Dakotans Against Discrimination have done a tremendous job of getting out to educate the public about what this amendment will mean if it passes.

I have been here for a couple weeks working with South Dakotans Against Discrimination (HRC is also on the ground). We got into this race because South Dakota has never had an organized LGBT community before, and we thought we could help build that here. — Once we got in, we started to realize that the local organizers here had a chance of winning.

SDAD has run a tremendous campaign (hell, the are pulling 34% support from Republicans in the reddest of states). All the other side talks about is Scandinavia and the fall of marriage there.

The YES side is moving money from the abortion ban to Amendment C and we are trying to match them in ad buys (and are almost there!)

You can donate to SDAD here.

The fundie South Dakota Policy Council is hard at work and feels confident the measure will pass.

South Dakota Family Policy Council Executive Director Rob Regier, whose group supports the measure, said his group is galvanized by the tightening of the poll numbers.

“I think when people get in the voting booth and see those words, ‘Marriage is a union between a man and a woman,’ they’ll feel compelled to vote yes,” he said.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding