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Lying liar Falwell: 'I never met Haggard'

Fundies are fleeing from Haggard like roaches scurry when the lights come on. Rev. Tinkywinky claims he never met Pastor Ted Haggard. (CNN/Paula Zahn):

REV. JERRY FALWELL: Well, I don’t know him. I haven’t met him, and he’s been rather critical of activists like Dr. James Dobson and myself. In pastors’ meetings, he’s said we shouldn’t be aggressive as we have. I certainly sympathize with his family and the great congregation that he pastors there.

FALWELL: He’ll no be longer able to pastor his church or lead the evangelical movement. He doesn’t really lead the movement. He’s president of an association that’s very loosely-knit, and I have never been a member of it. Most of people that I know have not, and no one has looked to them for leadership.

Oops…(CSIndy via C&L;):

Attending the private meeting with the President were Rev. Jerry Falwell from Liberty University, Janet Parshall, author and host of the nationally syndicated radio broadcast “Janet Parshall’s America,” Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) President Dr. Jack Graham, former SBC President Dr. Adrian Rogers, American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, National Religious Broadcasters President Frank Wright, and President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission Dr. Richard Land.

H/t Blogenfreude.

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