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Let's not forget the Florida closet case

Shakes Sis reminds us about good old anti-gay gubernatorial candidate for governor of Florida, Republican Charlie Crist who denied having an affair with a male GOP staffer, Jason Wetherington. It looks like Crist’s story is falling apart at the seams.

Evidence, however, is piling up that he and Jordan, whom the GOP candidate claims not to remember ever having met, had a relationship and that his Republican opponent Tom Gallagher knew about it prior to the September 5 primary vote.

Much of the information surrounding the relationship came, unwittingly and somewhat ironically, from the Harris U.S. Senate campaign, where Jordan worked as the congresswoman’s personal travel aide not long after his release from jail in February.

It was while he was employed in that capacity that another traveler on the Harris campaign, Dee Dee Hall, befriended him. In a videotaped statement that I obtained over the weekend, Hall swears that Jordan confided to her that he had an ongoing romantic relationship with Crist.

â€?”He said that he was involved with Charlie,” she says on the tape after she was sworn in by a court reporter. “I was like, ‘OK.’ He just stated his first name. He said, ‘Maybe you’ve heard of him.’ He said Charlie Crist.”

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