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How Much Did It Cost You, Joe?


The Worst Blog in the World gets it all wrong again.  First:

They’re baaaaaaaaaack.

The pro-Joe Lieberman, anti-Ned Lamont protestors that Mr. Lamont’s supporters dubbed the “LieberKidz.”

No they're not, they're called LieberYouth.  Look it up.  I've never heard them called anything else, and I doubt Confessore has either, but it probably has overtones of (well deserved) jack booted thuggery he isn't comfortable with so he just decided to …er…get creative.  Well, he's no stranger to that.

He then goes on to ignore the fact that these people are "volunteers" only in Joe's mind.  Remember how Cheaterman listed "paid volunteers" when they were trying to defend their "petty" cash expenditures that were quite nearly 10% of all the money spent on the primary campaign?  It's like that sad bastard talking about the hooker who really loves him and wouldn't be charging him at all except for the fact that her pimp makes her do it. 

If you have to pay for it, Nick, it ain't love.

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Jane Hamsher

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