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Haggard: 'I bought meth'

Guess Pastor Ted couldn’t get out of that drug charge by escort Michael Jones — the recordings tell the story — and he admitted today that was him on the tape.

Even better, he uses a variation on Clinton’s “I didn’t inhale.” He says he threw the meth away. (KUSA):

Pastor Ted Haggard came out of his house Friday morning and admitted to 9NEWS that he bought meth from a gay escort in Denver.

Haggard says he bought the meth from a gay escort, 49-year-old Michael Jones, after contacting him for a massage.

Haggard says he never used the meth and instead threw it away. However, Haggard could not remember where he threw the meth away.

He also said he received a massage from the buff Jones. Was that anywhere in the nether regions, Pastor Ted?

Hat tip, Autumn.

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