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Alabama officer wastes taxpayer dollars on 'Misadventures of Super Sheriff' video

Jeebus. And I thought I’d never have to blog about this clown again.

Marshall County Alabama Sheriff Mac Holcomb is in hot water for using department resources to produce a parody video, “The Mis-Adventures of Super-Sheriff.”

WAFF 48-TV uncovered this waste of taxpayer dollars.

What do a Valley sheriff and superman have in common? Both are invincible in an eye-opening video the WAFF 48 Investigators uncovered. It was video nobody on the outside was supposed to see. And now it leaves a community full of questions and one Valley sheriff with some explaining to do.

Welcome to “The Mis-Adventures of Super-Sheriff.” Its star, Marshall County Sheriff Mac Holcomb, uses his superhuman sheriff powers to fight crime and save the day. The video’s outraged some residents like Gayla Wynn, who calls this spoof unprofessional and embarrassing.

“You also see them using the sheriff’s office, you see them in the sheriff’s cars, they are using the facilities,” she said.

Old Mac, a Republican, says the dust up is just a political plot — but the guy’s not even up for re-election this year. His defense, from the Sand Mountain Reporter:

“Although I am certain there may be those who question the need to participate in this sort of activity,” he said, “I felt it would be something helpful in reducing some of the daily stress we in law enforcement are faced with every day.

“Why someone has felt it necessary to make this public at this time I can only guess at. I believe this video should be of no real interest to anyone other than someone who is attempting to embarrass me and members of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Holcomb first made the Blend when he ran a quaint retro racist, homophobic diatribe on his department’s web site (“Homosexuality was very queer and a despicable act… an abomination.”). He later moved to a personal page when the matter blew up in the media).

Hat tip, Allison J.

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Pam Spaulding