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That was fast — Haggard resigns

I step out for dinner and return to find out that another gay-bashing fundie with a closet door kicked open bites the dust.

The Rev. Ted Haggard resigned as president of the 30 million-member National Association of Evangelicals on Thursday after being accused of paying a man for sex in monthly trysts over the past three years.

Haggard also stepped down as head of his 14,000-member New Life Church, which he founded, pending an investigation by a church panel, saying he could “not continue to minister under the cloud created by the accusations.”

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…”I am voluntarily stepping aside from leadership so that the overseer process can be allowed to proceed with integrity,” Haggard said in a written statement. “I hope to be able to discuss this matter in more detail at a later date. In the interim, I will seek both spiritual advice and guidance.”

Right. I can’t wait for all the details to unfold.

Jones said he had advertised himself as an escort on the Internet and that a man who called himself Art contacted him. Jones said he later saw the man on television identified as Haggard.

He said he last had sex with Haggard in August. He said he did not warn him before making his allegations public this week.

Jones said he has voice mails from Haggard as well as an envelope he said Haggard used to mail him cash.

Let’s take a look at Pastor Ted tell about the evils of homosexuality.


I think Pastor Ted and Peter LaBarbera should team up and launch an private investigation firm specializing in undercover work exposing the Homosexual Agenda in gay bars and bathhouses. It would probably be quite a fulfilling mission for them.

I knew you’d want to see what the Freepi are saying about this…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

This gay prostitute claims he has voice mails and letters from Haggard that prove the relationship. It’s a mess. If he did it or not, my prayers to Ted Haggard. He has a wife and five kids, and 14,000 members of his church who look to him for guidance.

This smells like a Foley-esque smear.

If it’s true, and I’m doubtful, but if it is, he owes it to all his supporters to fight this until after the election. No matter the cost, ANY cost.

Ironically, it could help the pro-family agenda because of people being shocked about a minister having a male prostitute. Who knows how it plays out?

So what does Musgrave do now…comment or not comment?

She has to comment. All she has to do is show compassion, concern, saying she hoping it isn’t true, hoping he changes his ways if true, and commenting on how lovely his family is. In a press release. The media vultures though would decend in a pack on her with a press conference though. Musgrave should just write a good statement.

IF, IF, this is true it will impact th election here in CO. He OWES those of us he has hurt (IF IF it’s true) and he needs to pay ANY PRICE to minimize the impact on this election. ANY PRICE

May be. If not, we should still be thankful that the Lord is exposing hypocrisy in the body. First Paul Cain (leader of the health and wealth gospel), then Paul Cain (founder of the “prophetic” ministry) and now Haggard (who is a leader in the five fold “covering” movement, John Bevere is one of his members. All are representative of the popular modern charismatic movement which is long overdue for a purging and purifying that it might become a tree that bears fruit for the Lord. We should of course pray for Haggard’s restoration. We’re going to see more and more of this as this age draws to a close I believe.

Why is it so hard to believe that preachers and politicians are any different from the general population? Some of them like gay sex!

Only an idiot. But then you have to have some kind of mental defect to get involved in this sick lifestyle anyway. If he is innocent he should fight tooth and nail, if guilty he should go away and never show his face again. Prayers to his wife and children. A man should never do something to shame his family.

It has everything to do with the election. I watched a Denver newscast online. This prostitute came to the Denver Post two months ago. They researched his claims, believed him, and then came out with this 5 days before the vote on same sex marriages. Politics has everything to do with it. That being said, IF and I repeat IF, a minister of a congregation of 14,000 is paying a gay hooker for sex, it is news.

it’s nobody’s business but the congregation and his family. That the MSM and RATS are trying to influence the election with this is despicable, but not surprisng. They’ll stop at nothing.

I suspect that a long term homosexual relationship while married with children and professing to be Jesus’ representative to a congregation…..well, this guy has committed a mortal sin and needs to worry about his salvation. He has done more then to merely sin or miss the mark. He has serious issues that he needs to clear up with God himself.

There are levels of sin though. Sin is much more than missing the mark. It is a deliberate choice. It is a deep level of depravity that would cause a man to engage in a homosexual affair (of course Haggard is innocent until proven otherwise). It is not on par with stubbing one’s toe and saying “damn”. Exactly.

He doesn’t have time. He resigned from his church, the NAE, and they canceled the press conference to support him. He’s guilty in the eyes of the public. If he’s innocent, he has made all the wrong moves to show that.

That’s a great point…you just don’t step out of a committed, godly marriage and into a homosexual relationship without taking many small steps of rebellion which lead (eventually) to something like this. Adultery starts with lust. (And some people think flirting is always harmless…)

I am a New Life member. A couple of things:

1. Pastor Ted’s temporarily stepping down is the procedure for any Pastor accussed of a serious moral breach. It does not imply guilt.
2. An outside body will investigate the truthfulness of these allegations.
3. Very curious timing again, very late October surprise.
4. Satan is alive and well and wants to win. He will smear, lie, attack and destroy what he can. Why would he not attack an effective man of God.
5. The truth will come out.


First off, to be clear, nothing is proven, and the Rev. Haggard should be allowed time and space to defend himself. But with that disclaimer … it’s the hypocrisy, stupid. I know most FReepers are more hostile to homosexuals than I am, and I’m not picking that fight. As far as I’m concerned, consenting adults can do what they want in private, as long as they don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.

But the real issues are these: 1) it takes a an unparalleled lack of character to spend your days decrying homosexuals and your nights trolling for guys; and B) anyone leading that kind of double-life is a blackmail target served up on a silver platter with a sprig of parsley. Why bribe someone you can blackmail? The latter is harder to detect, more certain and far cheaper.

I hate to say it, but I have a lot more respect for Barney Frank as a man than I do for Mark Foley. Frank was, for want of a bett
er word, frank about his sexuality. Foley did his best to hide it. One is arguably immoral but honest; the other, self-righteously moral in public while being immoral in private, which is fundamentally dishonest.

Count on it: closeted gay Republicans will be outed, one by one. Those gloves are off.

When Tom Foley took over as Speaker, a Republican group put out a release titled “Tom Foley: Out of the Liberal Closet.” The release listed how often Foley had agreed with Frank on key votes. Frank, who was already in the open and had little to lose, offered to dish on which Republicans were gay, and that campaign stopped hard on its heels.

The point is, allegations of freaky sex don’t hit the Democrats very hard, because they don’t campaign against freaky sex. As long as the Republicans oppose freaky sex, they’re going to take a much tougher hit when one of their own is caught in the act. They sow what they reap.

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