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Daddy D comes out strong for homobigot Ken Blackwell in final stretch

Daddy D and Focus on the Anus have been all over the news today, defending good friend, alleged rent-boy procurer, meth user — and on-leave pending investgation evangelical leader — Ted Haggard, bleating about yanked marriage amendment commercials in Colorado, and now this — a hail mary endorsement and pimping of Ken Blackwell, who’s swirling the bowl in Ohio as election day nears. (AgapePress):

A powerful Christian pro-family leader is throwing his support behind Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell. Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson has announced his personal endorsement of Blackwell, the Republican candidate who is running against Democrat Ted Strickland in the Ohio governor’s race. Dobson is featured in a new radio ad in which he calls Blackwell “the champion of Ohio’s marriage amendment and a lifelong pro-life leader.”

In the ad, the Focus on the Family chairman emphasizes that he is “speaking as a private individual and not on behalf of any organization” as he urges values voters to cast their ballots for the GOP candidate as Ohio’s next governor. “Ken Blackwell has stood for our values,” Dobson observes, “and it’s our turn now to stand with him. Help elect a great leader who shares our values.” Blackwell’s campaign has accused Strickland of wanting to keep God out of public life by voting to let liberal judges prohibit prayer in school and remove Ten Commandments displays from public buildings.

A group working for fundie butt-kissing homobigot Blackwell’s defeat, Blacks Against Blackwell, is doing all they can to make sure he goes down hard. This is from an interview by NewsChannel5 anchor Leon Bibb.

Blacks Against Blackwell has intensifed its push against Blackwell with language so strong that the group said: “Ken Blackwell is our color, but not our kind.”

Lang Dunbar of Blacks Against Blackwell: “Mr. Blackwell was tied to the president George Bush hand and foot. Anytime a person is almost to the right of Clarence Thomas, we have a problem.”

Bibb: “What do you think? How do you respond to that?”

Blackwell: “Oh, look, I received about 40 percent of the vote in the African-American community in the last three elections. We’re going to do just fine in the African-American community.”

Dunbar: “He’s against affirmative action although affirmative action probably helped him further back.”

Bibb: “Traditionally, blacks in Ohio have voted Democrat. But early on, Republican Blackwell predicted he would garner 40 percent of the black vote. But the group — Blacks Against Blackwell — said it does not believe that can or will happen.”

Blackwell: “Many blacks, if not most blacks, will vote for me, not because of the color of my skin, but because of my competence and my agenda.”

Larry Rush of Blacks Against Blackwell: “If I have anything, I’m trying to keep it down to 4 percent and that’d be just his personal family and friends.”

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