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Blue Army: Bring It On

No time for speeches.  No time for analysis.  No time to do anything but execute our agenda on the ground and get voters to the polls next Tuesday.  
If you missed all the great discussion and advice from last week's thread, you might want to take a peek.  We have a bunch of awesome people hanging around these parts, members of the Blue Army.  Here are our Blue Army "enlistment" recommendations: 
  • Contact Do More Than Vote and use their easy interface to get connected to the right volunteer organization for you in your area. DMTV is now up to 57 chapters in all competitive states, but even if you're not in one of their towns, they have ways you can help.  There's a DMTV update below.
  • Nervous about the idea of door knocking?  Don't be:  people are very welcoming, especially this year.  Look at the polls:  people have Had Enough and they want change.  Here's a great introduction to canvassing from a diary at Dkos (hat tip to Blue Army member xyz).
  • Volunteer to become a poll worker.  It's not too late in most places, and they need people on standby as well, in case people get sick or don't show up.  Let's not just complain about fairness at the polls; let's become part of the solution.  To sign up, go here.  They've been asking for poll workers in my area onthe radio, so I'm sure your area could use help, too.
  • Volunteer for Howard Dean's new army through your local Democratic Party.  Just show up at your closest party office and they can put you to work.
  • MoveOn has a great online interface that can allow you to phone bank from your home for any race in the country where help is needed.  It's called Call for Change, and it's fantastic.  Please let me repeat:  you can stay at home and help out anywhere in the country.  This utility is as potentially groundbreaking for our side as ActBlue has been.  MoveOn's whole year has been geared up for the next few days, and they need you to attend a house party (over 4000 nationwide) to hook up for base mobilization.  Here's a diary with loads of direct volunteer feedback about the MoveOn stuff this cycle.  Check out the testimonials in the comments!
  • Party at the Polls with Working Assets on election day.  This is a project to organize local, community-oriented events at or near polling stations on Election Day in order to boost community turn-out. These are non-partisan events, so not everyone is interested. Although, if you know what neighborhood you're turning out, they can be very partisan.  By linking voting to a nearby party, they hope to boost turnout.  Today is the last day to sign up, so people can get the stickers, buttons, fliers, and kit in time.
I'm sorry the cheerleaders are in red.   I toyed with not using this clip for just that reason, but in the end, I kept it.  I like to gawk at cheerleaders.
If you have any misgivings about helping out here in the home stretch, let me whisper two words to you that make the wingnuts piss themselves:  Speaker Pelosi. And if that's not enough, think of John Conyers overseeing the House Judiciary Committee, or Henry Waxman running the Committee on Government Reform, investigating war profiteering.
Now that would be something to cheer about.  To get there, remember:  person to person contact matters most, and the next few days are our final window to make our impact to change the course of the country, restore the Bill of Rights, save our environment and pad our filibuster-proof margin against fascist judiciary appointments.
George Stern sends in a DMTV Update:
DMTV is chugging along well. We're hearing again and again from all of our city coordinators that new, active, and energized volunteers are showing up at campaigns all across the country. Many of the new volunteers were referred from the blogs. Blog readers and netroots activists becoming grassroots volunteers! It's all very exciting. The energy and optimism is pouring out of everyone who's writing to us and getting active through us.

On Friday evening we are changing our pages to reflect the campaigns' 96-hour plans. We'll have direct contact information for every competitive campaigns' GOTV coordinator on the site, so that a volunteer can immediately get plugged into a campaign, at any time over the final four days.

We're trying to not only get blog readers to take advantage of the site, but to also get them to pass it along to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, since the final four days are when even those who aren't usually active are willing to buckle down and put in a few hours.

So, how are the field troops this week?  I've been making calls for Webb.  What have you been up to?
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