Shot his wad on Red Man and hired goons

George Allen (who has even less chance than John Kerry of ever becoming president) is running out of money:

Democrats detect a pattern in Sen. George Allen’s campaign advertising schedule which suggests to them the incumbent is running out of money and is relying on an infusion from nat’l Republicans to reach parity with challenger James Webb. In turn, Allen’s campaign accuses Democrats and Webb’s campaign of fabricating the charge to dispirit conservatives and to fool the media into concluding that Allen is headed for defeat.

An independent review found that Allen has outspent Webb by $500K over the past five days. But Republicans said the NRSC had purchased additional airtime in the state today because the Allen campaign could not afford to pay on its own for an ad buy of adequate size. A Republican official said the NRSC “did not expect to be buying time in Virginia this late.”

According to figures provided by two Democratic sources, one who has access to the Webb campaign’s internal traffic reports and another who monitors ad buys statewide, Webb’s campaign has purchased three times as many television and radio ads in Washington, D.C. for the next — and final — five days of the campaign.

Chris LaCivita, Allen’s senior strategist, vigorously disputed those numbers and called their distribution a plot by Webb’s campaign to demoralize Republicans.

Not that Allen hasn’t done everything in his power to demoralize Republicans when he started calling out colored people. If you’re in Virginia this weekend and see a garage sale with lots of cowboy boots, high thread-count sheets, and nooses hanging from trees; bargain hard. It’s a buyers market.

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