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Wisconsin bigots launch unbelievable amendment ad in home stretch

[UPDATE: there’s a good post on the amendment battle up at CampusProgress.]

The good folks at Fair Wisconsin have long said that this is the state that could be the first to turn away a marriage amendment at the polls.

With only days before the election, the homobigots of the Coalition for America’s Families are desperately trying to rally The Base and are running a heinous ad (partially funded by Daddy D’s Focus on the Anus). Talk about using children as a political weapons and human shields of bigotry…

If my dad married a man, who would be my mom?”

God should have created Anna and Eve.”

I’m confused.”

If we change the definition of marriage, our kids will be taught a different way of thinking. Marriage means a man and a woman. Vote ‘Yes’ to keep it that way.”

As 365gay reports, the Vote Yes campaign is run by the former head of the Wisconsin GOP and the Coalition for America’s Families has given $385K for the cause, with Daddy D chipping in $25K to spread this filth around in the Milwaukee and Green Bay markets.

Jeremy of Good As You has much to say about the anti-gay ad:

::sniff, sniff:: Alright, who fearted? ::sniff, sniff:: Seriously, someone must have ripped a rancid feart, as all of a sudden the putrid stench of extreme bullsh*t is making us nauseous! ::sniff, sniff:: Smells like a mix of cute kid exploitation, flawed logic, and dogma. ::sniff, sniff:: And somehow, just catching whiff of the odor makes us feel that we won’t be needing a costume tomorrow, as a large portion of society views us as demons already. ::sniff, sniff:: Ugh, just vile, that feart!

Fair Wisconsin’s tip jar is here.


If these bible-beaters really care about the children, perhaps they might want to look at Fair Wisconsin’s ad, featuring the story of Lynn and Jean and their adopted daughter Katy. Jean was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and Lynn was not recognized as Jean’s next of kin.


Because they couldn’t marry, they had to take the limited legal steps that they could while Jean was in the hospital to protect their family, but Lynn still didn’t have a legal right to Jean’s pension, nor was Lynn entitled to the final medical report after Jean passed away (Jean’s out-of-town relative had to sign for it).

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