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The Empty Wig blames Dem for attack by Allen's goons on blogger

“I found the entire incident disconcerting and it left me uncomfortable with the level that Jim Webb has sunk to in this campaign.”
— Liddy Dole, blaming George Allen’s opponent for Macaca’s thugs tackling blogger Mike Stark at a political event in Charlottesville yesterday

Elizabeth Dole’s incredible charge is just one more reason why I can’t wait until she can be tossed out on her posterior in 2008. She’s ineffective, corrupt, unresponsive, and a ridiculously incompetent party hack. (Raw Story):

In a statement issued by the National Republican Senatorial Committee concerning a confrontation between Senator George Allen (VA-R) and a blogger who was tackled by his campaign staffers, Senator Elizabeth Dole (NC-R) laid the blame on the Democratic candidate James Webb for setting the tone, due to the level he has “sunk to.”

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…The video shows Stark being tackled by campaign staffers, put in a chokehold by one, and tossed to the floor.

Stark reported the incident to the Charlottesville Police, the Washington Post reports, and the police said that they are investigating whether assault charges would be warranted.

Here’s more of what Sugar Lips said — note that she makes no mention of the beastly behavior of the Allen knuckledraggers; it’s as if Stark was a raving, dangerous lunatic for asking a question of the Senator.

“As George and I were making our way from the ballroom, a young man approached Senator Allen in an aggressive way and took an uncivil tone shouting highly offensive and inappropriate questions,” Dole’s statement says. “As we continued to leave the ballroom, the young man pursued us outside and continued to shout in the same manner.”



NC GOP spends $26K on a gay-baiting ad — in a county commissioner race

Speaking of unhinged North Carolinians, you should see the desperation of the GOP even at the local level. The NC GOP is spending a significant amount of money trying to unseat a county commissioner who is a ally for civil equality.

Parks Helms, a Charlotte/Mecklenburg commissioner, is being gay-baited in a commercial getting play on local stations. Last year, the CharMeck commissioners voted to add sexual orientation to its anti-discrimination law after a very bitter and public battle with the bigots, so this attack was not a surprise.


This is the same county commission that anally-fixated Bill James sits on. (Charlotte Observer):

The gay marriage ad takes aim at county commissioners Chairman Parks Helms, who is running for re-election. Helms said he believes in dignity for everyone, including gay and lesbian couples. He said he isn’t surprised the ad was posted anonymously.

“These people, they’re not willing to tell you who they are or why they are so judgmental,” he said.

In response to an e-mail from the Observer sent through the Web site, Meckconservative — identified online as a 26-year-old conservative Republican — declined to be interviewed. “I am just a person putting public-domain video on Just like millions of other people,” the person responded.

County commissioner Jennifer Roberts, a Democrat running for another term, said she’s not planning to respond directly to the ads.

“We’re in the Internet age. These things happen,” she said. Roberts said sites like YouTube — where anyone can post information — “promote democracy. There are good things and bad things about it. It’s much harder to … verify information and to sort of sift through it all.”

Republican commissioners, by the way, deny having anything to do with the ad. Sound familiar?

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